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PATS: So Justin, we love you. I am wondering what you have been up to?
JP: Just working with the Locust and Threeoneg.
PATS: Did some Girls break up?
JP: Not yet. Don't believe everything that you read on the internet!
PATS: Ok. So, how did the Locust form?
JP: Really? You have me for an interview and you are going to ask that same stupid question? come on!
PATS: Whats your favorite food?
JP: Child brains.
PATS: Where did the Locust name come from?
JP: Dylan Scharf. the name was fitting.
PATS: What Genre would you say you play?
JP: Genres are not important. Just add the "core" suffix to some word and call it a day. PATS: Ok! Thank you!