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PATS: Vice Cooler! We do love you.
VC: Thank you. That is a nice thing to say.
PATS: So I was wondering where you started Hawnay Troof?
VC: In Mobile, Alabama. But moved soon after to California. so Its a Cali band.
PATS: What was your roughest tour?
VC: None of them yet have been THAT bad (knock on wood). But the Australia one did end in disaster. My mental problems really escalated, so much that I almost left the tour early. I got home and just started recording. Wouldn't leave my house. thats how the album came about.
PATS: What are you working on?
VC: Just touring right now.
PATS: How did you meet bands like High Places, No Age, and Peaces?
VC: I had known Rob (from high places) for a while. I was playing a todd p show and had Todd add them. He was skeptical but I talked him into it. Me and them hit it off and just play together all of the time. I've also known No Age for a long time. My old band did a split with their old band. Peaches I've known since I was a child. I put out a record with her on it when I was in High School. Theres the TMZ gossip for you!
PATS: thanks!